Exhibition Dirk van Lieshout and Marieke Zwart
with new work made during the residency Het Vijfde Seizoen
and Summerschool Looking for Trouble.
Casco/Fotodok Utrecht, the Netherlands
21 July -21 August 2017

New installation for exhibition room with Vellen, 2017 and Litho series Push/Fall/Repeat, 2017
The series Balance Instructions for two, 2016 was presented throughout the rest of the exhibition space.

As a Part of the exhibition van Lieshout, Zwart and Het Vijfde Seizoen organized a Summerschool for 15 Art academy students from the Netherlands consisting of an exploration of the field of Psychiatry in Utrecht and Den Dolder. An intensive program with psychiatrists, artists, therapists, theorists and experts and patients. The works made by the Students were included in the exhibition.
Guests o.a: Roxanne Vernimmen, board of Altrecht, Anneleen Louwens, photographer, Bik van de Pol, artists, Laurence Aegerter, artist, Wilco Tuinebreijer, physiatrist, Erin la Coeur, lecturer VU.

Photos made by Jan Adriaans. Reporter Lucy in de Lucht

Vellen, 2017 summerschool summerschool summerschool Dirk van Lieshout Dirk van Lieshout Summerschool group