Stills and installation shots from Interview
HD video stereo sound 6:44 min
link here
Camera Marjoke Haagsma
Sound Daimo da Costa
Sound edit Vincent de Bel
Colour Arthur Ivens
Thanks to Toon Segers

House fly wings in 11 glass slides

Scale model Doorzonwoning

Slide Untitled (Taman Mini, Indonesia 1979)
Photographed by Toon Segers

Short Story Flies
A3 Print

Find my Short Story Flies in English here or in Dutch Vliegen here

With a searching glance Marieke Zwart navigates through lives that have been influenced by various forms of exclusion. Her work often ensues from lengthy encounters with people, places, or situations. During a visit to 92-year-old war veteran Toon Segers, for example, he showed her the pink discoloured slides of his trip to Indonesia in 1979, three decades after he was posted there. The pink, surreal light shines through the windows onto the average Dutch street: an unintentional theatrical scene. It is exactly this moment that Zwart explores in Show House. The installation revolves around a scale model (60:100) of Segers’s terraced house, based on plans from 1947 by architect and urban developer Willem Wissing and in scope of the so-called 'normalisation' of architecture in the Netherlands. 1947 was also the year that the Dutch army forcefully responded to the Indonesian National Revolution. The installation comments on Dutch society: tolerance and transparency are considered of paramount importance, but the same alleged openness hides concealed histories of violence. Zwart thus converges architectural history, dreams, war trauma, and the Dutch colonial past in an uneasy, open dialogue in which opposites such as silence and speech, inside and outside, and private and public shape complex notions like home and society. By Zoe Dankert